New blog

Happy new year. Welcome to my brand new shinny blog.

I registered this domain back in 2009 but all these years it served nothing but just a parking domain site. It's time to show off what I can do to with this fancy blog.

In this blog, I'll be sharing mostly on coding/development related stuff here. Let's start with how I created this blog.


If you ever wonder, the technology platforms use to show you this blog are:


Some cool swags here are I'll be able to write in Markdown with live preview, serve these pages with Nginx, on top of Node.js server and all in Ubuntu 14.10.

service ghost start

It's just cool by setting up this blog I learned a lot. I encourage you to get your hand dirty, it's all satisfying when you have deep control.

With this, soon I will take over the world! MUAHAHA!